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  1. Great job Melony,is Carla Bruni with her in St Petersburg?
  2. Same pose for Natalia and Arnault
  3. Sorry Melony_xmy I noticed I re-posted your pictures instead o reply to you
  4. Me too!To tell you the truth I prefer her darker,ciao
  5. Melony you're great!Well done!I wonder how she menages to be in Moscow and back to London in time for the premiere,without bein tired. I find her and Arnault a a really beautiful couple!Have you notice she bring same bag as Queen Elisabeth!Wow
  6. 69ciao Meloni,sorry I don't want to talk about the cover though she's fantastic,just one question: are you sure the ring she always wears is Repossi?Because I've the trinity ring of Cartier without diamond love friendship fidelity the meaning of that ringSorry to you all if I interrupted your topic Cristina
  7. Amazione job Meloni wish you merry christmas
  8. I herd her entire speech very emotional,tears just roll on.She a great creature!
  9. Dear Natu if your beauty makes you reach your purpose,wouldn't you use it? She admitt herself,that the still modelling and for earn money and for achieving her purpose. The fashion system gives a lot on that matter,and to be sincere she's aware of what is doing,is not artificial.And has done a hell of good things! Then you might don't like her but admit she is great on her purposes!! Having an autistic parent is not easy,not at all,I admire what have done and what has create Ciao!
  10. Diane ciao it's true ,she is a great selfpr,but because she's the founder of NH and not a volunteer To grow up a charity is very difficult and what she says about autism it's true,She is doing a great job about that ,which doesn't exist in Italy for example. Then if she is a harsh person on job,I can't tell you,but since I worked in fashion I know quite well how behave top model. But I never met her so I can't judge The only thing I wonder how she manages to go back and forth all the time!! For the rest I think she'beautiful,lucky and all of us want to deserve everything! Nice day to all of y
  11. She is fantastic in all The sense I know What a austictic person means,and if she ménage to raise money with her beauty Who not. The job is doing is fantastic,in Italy still have few struttcure for them And to be sincere she deserve all
  12. Halo to everyone I Founder by chance this conversation I think they're Deeply in love to eachother and they're a stunning couple Boh of them are make their best to Protect e their privacy,and I don't really think he styays with her only for his public figure,he doesn't need it at all. Been the son of Arnault,can be fantastic on one hand,but on THE other means to work hard,to proof You deserve that place,and seems his doing Very well. I love her way to use her position to improve her fondati on great sensibile beautiful woman
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