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  1. Is this girl who is next to Natalia is one of his sisters? or just looks like she.
  2. Hello! all, I found two articles online that may be of interest to you. I do not know what to think of them and how reliable they can be, both the information and the communication medium that transmits it. What do you think about it? http://en.mediamass.net/people/natalia-vodianova/married.html http://en.mediamass.net/people/natalia-vodianova/pregnancy-rumors.html
  3. Hello! I hope you can help me. In the images we associate Natalia appears with two sunglasses and I like a lot, but I have no idea what brands are. If anyone knows what I could say.Thank you!
  4. IMPORTANT Hello! all, I've come across on the web an Italian newspaper article about Natalia and AA, stating that the couple might be expecting a baby already. The fourth to Natalia and first for AA. “Sono belli, Natalia e Antoine, di quella bellezza che spazza dubbi, abolisce incomprensioni, comunica. L'ultimo rumor parigino è che stanno aspettando il loro primo bambino. Il quarto per Natalia, il primogenito per Antoine. Se c'è, il trucco non si vede”. “They are beautiful, Natalia and Antoine, that beauty that sweeps doubt, it abolishes misunderstanding, communicates. The latest rumor is that
  5. I read AA was interested in her since he met her, about four years or so I don't remember this, what is your source ?
  6. Par?s, I have answered your question on the AA page you have created.
  7. I'm not aware about, correct me if I'm wrong… But as I read AA was interested in her since he met her, about four years or so ..And it she had the opportunity to choose between several men, when he decided to divorce her husband. Why stick with AA?
  8. Opinion that you have of this couple. love or interest?
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