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  1. Anne V should definitely get the cover and the only way she won't is if the obviousbias that MJ Day shows towards Chrissy Teigen tips the scales. MJ is madly in love with Chrissy, I think, and I do not believe she deserves a cover. I def think Anne V should get it. It would be soooooooo wrong if they pick Chrissy over anyone else.
  2. It soooooo looks like Petra but I guess not.....dangit! <_< I'm still wishing for Tori to repeat but I guess I'm whistling in the dark I haven't seen any pics that resemble any of her parts. I'm rather over Damaris and Jessica but to those of you who like them, good. I like the Vegas theme idea....that would be novel. Anything would be a change......I can think of all kinds of great themes... I guess that's why I DON't work for S.I.
  3. Bobbi Brown!! Very cool!!! Thanx for the pics and thanx to El Jefe for the HQ work and thanx to babylola for her postings and thanx to Lancelot for his musings and thanx to just everybody!!!! Wish I had these in HQ (El Jefe??? ) FOAM MAGAZINE Photos / Sasha Eisenman Styling / Lara Backmender Model / Tori Praver Make Up / Kiki Bennett Hair / Hinako Nishiguchi Props / Justin Allen Styling Assistant / Lauren Bensky
  4. A couple of these have not been posted before, I don't think By the way, her socks look so cozy this a.m. Baby, it's cold outside!! All the good posts, great posts, lately!!! Yippee!!! Thanx to all!
  5. All the pics posted are so good! Thanx, 'cuz I just LOVE her! Always have, always will.
  6. "Stars turned out in their droves for the IWC Top Gun Gala Event at the Palexpo Exhibition Hall in Geneva this evening. And model Adriana Lima looked particularly stunning in a form-fitting white dress which showed off her incredible legs. Actor Ewan McGregor appeared so distracted by his fellow guests' pins that he was unaware of the camera as one group shot was taken, preferring to admire Adriana's gorgeous figure." via Daily Mail Ewan knows a good thing when he sees it, huh?
  7. Thanx for reposting those, el Jefe!!! Good job!!!
  8. Here's my say for what it's worth. I don't think Tori has put on lbs. I think her Pilates is working very well. Take a look at the space between the upper thighs. Only a "chunky" girl has upper thighs that meet. Now, maybe she "grew" some boobs, maybe not. But, whatever the answer, as a strictly heterosexual female, I think her boobs are hawwt! Just right! Look very natural to me. I adore her mouth in all these pictures, not to mention all the other things. Her mouth is just perfect, I think.....one that people DO pay money to imitate and it is all hers, with no aids. Her abs?? Good gawd! Doesn't get better than that. Long legs? Holy &(*^%! Splendid! Skin? Just plain damn glowing! She's a ridiculously hot woman! So, here are some pics from my Nordstrom catalog. Damnit! She's gorgeous!!!
  9. That's Michelle Vawer in bodypaint (N) :shock: I don't think that's anyone we know.....not a good pick at all, sorry.........just my opinion. Where are her legs??
  10. I think babylola is one of the cutest names on here. and one of the best posters, for sure. Why couldn't I have come up with a cute name? <_< Like everything else, I just get a thought (like the name) and run with it. It would be fun sometime to hear how certain names came to be. Like mine sounds like an artificial sweetener but it actually relates to music. But, so many people are really clever with their names.
  11. Thanx, el Jefe, for posting!!! Here's a couple more although they are small. Would love to know how to make them HQ
  12. What a sleuth you are, Minus!!! YAY! This is a great, great editorial Thanx, minus
  13. That is what I call a killer cover!! It has "it"!! Gorgeous!
  14. Way to squirm, my noble knight! Seriously, that was very chivalrous and very, very gallant! I wish I could emulate that characteristic but as you know I just blab and spurt out whatever is going on in my noodle. Shameful!
  15. Lancelot......time to comment on Tori's "coconuts" and "boo-tay". Let's hear how you can handle this commentary! Don't go gettin' proper Ivy League on us....go for it!
  16. and I really love this one.... Oh, what am I talking about? I really like 'em all
  17. Hi boys and girls I hardly ever get a chance to get on and I am always so delighted to see the good posts and reposts!!! And, always glad to hear my bud Lancelot's commentary. I love intelligence......maybe someday I'll get some! I have a desire to repost some of my faves showing Tori in diff situations....so I will! Now, what I want to know is who is going to be able to find the actual, full editorial with the individual pics from the latest ELLE ITALIA? I'd really like to see those. I have a newsstand I can't seem to get the time to get over to so I'll wait and see who is gonna' be the one to find them and get those posted. Looks like a VERY interesting, gorgeous shoot!!
  18. sweetandlow


    It looks much better to me so far than the last few years. I thought Izabel, Shanina and Adri stood out for me. Izabel just keeps rockin' it! I'm sorry about Anja because I've always loved her in HF so maybe she better stay there. Doutzen was lookin' amazing. The faces that are pretty new to me, well, I'll have to see if they grow on me. I'm not gettin' the hype about Karlie whatsoever, but that's no put down, just my opinion. I need to find a reason to get as pumped about her as everyone else. I thought Anne V looked better than I've probably ever seen her look. Joan Smalls is really very, very pretty. I'll have to see the show and then make a judgement because some of the girls looked very blah to me and I was left scratching my head but it's not the same as seeing the whole show as it is edited and produced . Does look like they put more thought into the costumes this year. Overall, it has much more promise than the shows of late. I'm glad they had to walk in some of the shoes and I didn't....that takes talent to maneuver some of those sky high babies! I must have missed it but who is the girl with the inner tube around her a**? I'm not sure I'm gettin' that one. I should know her name but it escapes me so help me out on that one, will you? someone?
  19. Amazingly, amazingly perfect!! She just keeps getting better!
  20. So good to see those pics of Tori And, dammit! how long is this page 114????? Good gawd! We've been on this page for 3-4 years now, it seems...... :atoobie: :atoobie:
  21. Here's a cutie pic plus her IMG showcard:
  22. Great! I came to see thinking there would be nothing as usual and voila! That's (Y) :hell yea!: She is still so adorable and hopefully, she can get back to modeling. I know her suits have gotten raves and everyone I know owns a couple or more so those are launched for sure! Now, let's get back to biz! I thought maybe she just wandered off doing personal stuff and was :lost: so a great big YAY on seeing these. It's also good because for some reason, GQ has never given her much thought and they're nuts for not having done so. I do believe you are right, Lancelot. Those look like Vampirehorde's watermarks on the photos. Haven't seen that rascal in forever and ever, it seems. But, he does such a great job and can get the HQ's and the UHQ's so kudos to him for the photos and thanx to MK for posting. You're right el Jefe is also a great HQ and UHQ guy but this time, it's our long-lost VH......come out, come out, wherever you are!
  23. What a really, really good character actor he is!!! He has talent in bunches!
  24. Thank gawd he's not going for Best Dressed or something..but on the other hand, I love that he just doesn't care, that his manner of dress when he out on his own just is not an issue. He is his own guy and not out to impress anyone. (obviously ) He's probably thinking, "these are my socks and I'll wear them if I want to." hahahahahaha He's so funny. But, I'll tell you this. He can sure clean up good for the red carpet!!! Man in a tux, Yikes!
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