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  1. Have they ever posted an actual full length routine or something to follow, or just these 10s clips?
  2. Aren't all the shots from 2014 as well?
  3. Amazing. Shame the videos aren't the same quality as the images. Thanks Pith.
  4. https://licensing.artpartner.com/Folder/2UY1EWTW7AC
  5. I don't understand her lack of updates
  6. That photo in that resolution Instagram really has its failings.
  7. For $1 I'm going to see what her fitness stuff is like. Lockdown is a perfect time to try home fitness 😅
  8. Think it's worth renaming the thread to Emily Ratajkowski and her dog?
  9. Nothing will beat her hotel room dancing video, but still 👌
  10. All these transparent shots are ace
  11. ! I have had this pic saved as "Need HQ" for years. Thanks.
  12. That's her first ever shot like that I think! Cool.
  13. Nina put a load of her own photos up and made her own mini issue...which was probably better than SI will actually be. Would love it if she's secretly involved or back next year if it improves.
  14. Maybe she'll do some naked stuff in 2019. Maybe?
  15. She's basically made her own shoot now, no need for SI!
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