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  1. Some good pics of Genevieve here: http://worldswimsuit.com/models/profile/genevieve-morton#.VB4SRhbK0-A
  2. Nice, very nice! Thanks JJ3!
  3. She is out of this world, fantastiche!
  4. Thank you JJ3, you do great things for this thread!
  5. {name}

    Heidi Klum

    What an excellent idea for a book!
  6. Wow, those are some finely defined cheek bones!
  7. Very nice and natural looking photo of Bar! Though Valentina looks pensive...
  8. She has a very natural beauty. Thanks to all the posters!
  9. More about this shoot HERE Awesome, simply awesome! Thanks GM*FAN*, you do great work with this thread!
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