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  1. i don't think she's getting skinnier per say, she just has to stay fit because of her angel status
  2. thank you for the adds! she's so beautiful.
  3. no matter what anyone says, she's going to post what she wants. and if it's pictures like that than more power to her.
  4. she definitely deserves to be an angel, but even if she doesn't become one, she will be successful. she's amazing !
  5. she is so perfect, i have fallen in love with her!
  6. it's almost Christmas but it's still warm. east coast... what's up??????? 

  7. thank you for the posts!!! i really hope she gets recognized more. she deserves it !
  8. i honestly love bryana, so thank you for making this....a thing! i'm going to check it probably every day now
  9. I tried finding a download link for the Guy Code first episode and make a video of all of Nina's parts but I can't seem to find one. If anyone knows, help me out pleaseeee
  10. I would make gifs, but I can't dowload the vimeo one
  11. honestly goals, i wish i looked like her.
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