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  1. I am praying to GOD that Lorena comes back!! She is one of those very few 'Models' that actually reminds me of what SI used to be. I beg that MJ has it in her bring back Lorena 😭😁😭
  2. Based on the videos I've watched so far, the suits have a really 80's and 90's nostalgic feel to them....which I actually like. I'm hoping the images aren't as basic as the line up.
  3. The thought just occurred to me...what if the girls that are doing bodypaint this year, are from another pointless SI model search?
  4. Lais looks beyond this WORLD!!!! She's killing it! Can't wait to see all of her photos. Glad she was shot by Macari
  5. The thought hadn't crossed my mind....I really hope Hoopes isn't on the cover. I'm all for Babs. I'd have her three years in a row over Hoopes.
  6. Such a lovely editorial, they make a great pair! Their emotions are so genuine
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