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  1. How does she keeps her body so fit and teeth so white? anybody knows? Thanks
  2. Stunning girl...anyone know how she stay in shape? Great figure. WOW
  3. Beautiful beautiful girl, i sjust me or her boobs look smaller? (she used to have a size 4 if i am not wrong?) She is stunning tho' i would kill to have her body.
  4. She look amazingin men's health cover magazine. I saw it today walking down the street
  5. who is the blonde model in your avatar? So pretty

    1. DanniCullen


      Anna Mila Guyenz

  6. Wondering if she will attend some shows in London fashion week?.....
  7. Anyone had the scans or interview of Hailey in ES Uk MAGAZINE? i would love to read it.
  8. London ss17 men fashion week
  9. How old is she? By the way she is the girlfriend of male model Julian Schratter
  10. Is just me or there was an image that wasn't her but Kelly Gale? They keep confusing them..few weeks ago also on a newspaper they were talking about her, but behind there was the image of Kelly Gale and they don't even look alike in my honest opinion.
  11. Stunning as always!! ...anyone knows her real bra size? There are many different version on the internet!
  12. She is so beautiful and healthy looking she doesn't have that sick slim figure some models have... anyone knows which brand are the glasses? She is wearing in the instagram pics above? #2617
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