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  1. Thank you 'lina ! The hardest thing about this injury is not the pain but the fact that i'll be missing this PFW... I already miss the girls
  2. " Let it be Paris, please " Well I can't go to Paris for this FW cause I broke my left shoulder and elbow, so I would be veeeerrrryyyy sad to not shoot her AGAIN
  3. I guess the Reebok shoes was an "excuse" to show her legs Just tell me one thing, please tell me she's wearing a thong...
  4. At least she could have been show the shoes in their entirety....
  5. It's the same kind of physique yes. A lot of people look like them on the streets
  6. In this interview she says that she lives in New York, it's a "old" interview ?
  7. She looks really happy with him, so I'm happy that she is happy EDiT : I was watching some videos of our French artist Marina Kaye when I saw Miranda, so if someone's interested : ( It was during The Cannes film festival )
  8. I love this kind of shoot, it's sober ( can we use it this say ? ).
  9. Ahah I think she's still the cutest
  10. I soo love the Marella campaign, it's so fresh !
  11. Yes it's Anna Ewers. With Binx Walton, Lexi Boling, Anne Gaby Odielle and I don't remember the name of the other models
  12. I don't get why she still works with Richardson..
  13. So now I just hope that people magazines will stop saying sh*t about her relationship.
  14. WHAT?? noooo! Lindsey shouldve stayed for HF. 7Fam is Miranda's bread and butter! I agree on the fact that Lindsey Wixson is way better for Haute Couture.
  15. And the makeup is not helping, but sure she's beautiful.
  16. http://www.si.com/swim-daily/2013/04/02/emily-didonato-25-facts-about-me Didn't know that, thanks.
  17. Kiki, I noticed that for some people a girl wearing short skirt is a dirty hooker. So afterall, in the end, I guess it takes a dirty mind to think of dirty things. And that is my only explanation I have for people seeing hookers everywhere. When a short skirt is wearing beautifully, there's nothing bad. You'd like to see your sister or your daughter strike the pose like this with those clothes ( talking about Palvin's photo ) ? I know that a lot of people will say that she's hot and that they would like to **** her, and I know it not because that's what I think but because THAT'S WHAT I READ A
  18. It's strange cause the models I shot seem to be fine with me ( Boling, Ginneken, Xi, Hoarau etc )
  19. You call that becoming a woman ? Do you really think she has to do some suggestive poses like this one to become an interesting model and, more importantly, a woman ?I'm tired of all these "sexual" shoots in the industry ! I find it, not disgusting, but not beautiful. It's not sexy, not glamour, not.... Not modeling for me. It's like the photographer said " Let's do it, strike that pose, great. Now guys, you can go fap ". I really don't like it. ( I feel the same for Kroes, Aldridge etc ones ) "sigh" is always what i do when I read this thread.When I watch a photo I watch every details &
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