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  1. KAMILLA ALNES Age: 18 Nationality: Norwegian Hair color: Blonde Height: 177 cm
  2. Ahh, I love her. Thank you so much for the pictures
  3. Thank yooou! She's so pretty!!!
  4. Thank you She's gorgeous. Is the last one from her fotolog?
  5. yey, I can't wait! Never heard her talk before. btw, does anyone have the new maybelline picture? I believe I saw it at Walgreens.
  6. I think she's amazing. I don't see why she's so unpopular.
  7. She's gorgeous! Who's the other model in the cotton club pic?
  8. Thank you so much. I love that picture.
  9. Thank you so much Where did you find them?
  10. She reminds me more of Laryssa Castro and Ana Beatriz than Adriana. But shes very beautiful. Thanks for all the pics.
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