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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these
  2. I loved her in Fallen Angel and The Mask of Zorro.
  3. Thank you for the new Kelly pics.And no,those are not her kids.
  4. Beautiful,especially that last picture.Thank you so much
  5. Yeah,he´s Hawaiian.He is so hot,plus he can act!
  6. Thank you so much,Eva is so cool.
  7. I love this show.I´m a House/Cameron Shipper myself.
  8. I hear Florencia Lozano will be recurring on that show as one of the girls mother.I have to see this show.
  9. Thank you so much for posting He is a great actor to booth.The Other Boleyn Girl is coming to the theaters?yay,I love that book.
  10. Thanks so much Suki,I love the dress.And I love the hair!
  11. What?Did you see MatchPoint? Or Girl With a Pearlearing?She can act!
  12. That really ****,I kind of liked them.They where Lwords best couple.i ca´t stand Tina and Jennifer Beals chracter becasue Tina get´s crapped on constanly
  13. I love the picture where he´s on the bed,he lok so yummy I just wan tto lean in and him
  14. I love this picture,he´s hot
  15. yea he is. IMO i think hes a little to old for her. I agree with you Who are we to judge?We don´t know Katherine or her boyfriend.
  16. Thank you so much Suki ,Sandra Bullock is the best.And she always look stunning,she is someone you can relate to,even though she´s a Hollywood star.
  17. I love all the S.A.T.C. characters,Carrie had the best wardrobe though.
  18. CD is adorable.I like BB too.She´s alot more honest than most movie stars.She´s not lik some Hollywood stars who tell the world one thing and belives another all in terms of "good press"
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