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  1. Oluchi should get the SI cover for 2008!!! Unique beauty in every way and a sexy body as well
  2. the only logical explanation I can find is that the shoot was when she was in Europe or traveling and couldn't be there. I was flipping through the May issue of Allure(I think) and Gisele had a little interview and it was mentioned that her victoria secret contract was up! I was actually surprised although it makes sense since she has been with VS since 1999. I am hoping its not true though cause Gisele is just awesome!
  3. I totally agree. Oluchi's uniqueness makes her stand apart from the rest. Her look is one that is so Haute couture as in her look is not for "everybody" but at the same time can be for "everyone" I think it makes it hard for her look to cross over to real commercial success like Adriana Lima, Alessandra etc. Although Oluchi has had some level of commercial success, VS full angel status would have been the icing on the cake. The only model that i can think of that has done that successfully is Gisele and Naomi Campbell. Gisele can't be categorized as commercial cause she is not. she crosses over easily which is great. Ana Beatriz is another model that comes to mind as well, Ana is very high fashion as well. Selita on the other hand blends in with the rest. She has a "girl next door" look which is more relatable i guess in terms of Victoria secret. Her look is more accessible I guess. Although Selita is Ok, Oluchi is a better model, her walk, presence etc is unique and I think if she was made a 'full angel" she would have become more relatble to everyone. Looking at Oluchi and Selita on the Victoria secret catwalk during the annual show last year, Oluchi had more of a presence in my opinion than Selita! Oluch's face and statuesque frame is just unforgettable! I guess VS was looking for an angel that could "blend in" with the rest not stand out from the rest. Just my 2 cents...
  4. Marissa Miller, Liya Kebede, Heidi Klum and Angela Lindvall are also married
  5. Great pics especially the one were she is singing. Thanks!
  6. She reminds me of Adriana lima sometimes in some pics. She is cute and her dimples are lovely. Beautiful model. I hope they make her a VS angel soon...
  7. Doutzen is really sexy! she reminds me of old hollywood glamour.
  8. Thanks nana! Those pics are gorgeous. Oluchi looks so much like Naomi in the runway pics
  9. Cause I did not know embed it properly. Sorry
  10. Karolina is effing hot! Long sexy legs and a great body. Perfect VS angel
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