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  1. I'm looking for these editorials that were already scanned by kelles and justaguy but the pictures don't work anymore, if someone still have those scans (or new scans), please let me know!
  2. Thank you for the scans! The other two models are Luca Gadjus and Michelle Alves
  3. Thank you, kimflorida! Do you also know the name of those girls?
  4. Vogue.com credits them as Amanda, Charlotte, Marie.. anybody knows their full names, please?
  5. Old KenzieGirl ads from 2004 or 2005
  6. Alessandro Dell’Acqua (Spring/Summer 2003) - Milan
  7. The ones I can recognize are: Siri Tollerod Alexandra Tikerpuu Lauren Layne Julia Valimaki Hailey Clauson
  8. Alessandro Dell’Acqua (Fall/Winter 2001) - Milan Alessandro Dell’Acqua (Spring/Summer 2002) - Milan Nudity! http://imageupper.com/i/?A0400010040011R13811714451741111 http://imageupper.com/i/?A0400010040021R13811714451741111 Alessandro Dell’Acqua (Fall/Winter 2002) - Milan
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