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  1. she is bussy with istraeli star that's why it looks like she hasn't work... and only backstage an prive life photos like you call it insta photos...
  2. maybe its me but this looks like only good photo on google...
  3. im in love ehmmmmm cough cough kuch hhhh cgg hh
  4. post some of your favorite Italian models /girls
  5. well she don't even look like ... a philiphinese...
  6. you right I better keep it by scrolling instead of posting
  7. lf storesspring... looks like Rihanna....
  8. http://youtu.be/v2XB2sN3mdU שלי יקר אסתי גינזבורג
  9. thanks lola awesome she is so smart and real whats the show called she is doing right now? im not sure if this one pic has been posted yet
  10. she is so so sooooo gorgeous she is such a beauty she is soooo so my precious... her little blackhaired friend looks great too looks like they have lot of fun and good times realy close friends I realy wonder and no offense!!!... but her mother and her father... aint realy ... hmm what you call you something catchy how could they be blessed with such goodness...
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