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  1. Can anyone tell me who this Boux Avenue UK model is please? Many thanks in advance.
  2. It's definitely her. Thank you!
  3. Who is this new Gossard model for Gypsy Fuschia please?
  4. Excellent. Thank you.
  5. Can anyone please tell me who this Boux Avenue model is please? This is the web page it's from, http://www.bouxavenue.com/knickers/lori-embroidered-briefs/101625.html?dwvar_101625_color=10IX&dwvar_101625_dressSize=06&cgid=1000029#start=3 Many thanks in advance.
  6. Does anyone seem to know who she is?
  7. Can anyone tell me who this model from Ultimo.co.uk is please?
  8. How old is Rayanne? Can't find her birthdate anywhere. Would've guessed mid-20s though.
  9. Hi there Can anyone tell me who this model is please? She was featured in the Littlewoods UK site modelling the Tommy Hilfiger range. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Can anyone tell me who this model from the Boux Avenue UK website is please?
  11. Oh thank you LE GATOR. This Talita is incredible!!!
  12. She is recently on the Littlewoods and Very UK websites in their lingerie sections, but have no idea of her name or anything. http://imgbox.com/adchBpaQ http://imgbox.com/abu2YR6g
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