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  1. fashionm

    Camila Morrone

    She might go to the Amfar gala
  2. fashionm

    Hailey Baldwin

    I used to think that she was "the worst" of the nepotism models but she's actually improved so much and is one of my faves now! If she was taller she'd be walking more during fashion weeks for sure
  3. fashionm

    Bella Hadid

    She's so beautiful and I love her street style
  4. fashionm

    Sara Sampaio

    She was really cute in her facebook live chat! Hope she gets into the acting business
  5. fashionm

    Nina Agdal

    better for her, love Leo but his relatioships are always messy and don't last long
  6. fashionm

    Sara Sampaio

    I think she meant that he hasn't shaved bc of a movie role
  7. fashionm

    Nina Agdal

    Ahhh thanks! I have just seen the video haha funny
  8. fashionm

    Nina Agdal

    Kate who?
  9. fashionm

    Holly Rose Emery

    Did she quit modelling?
  10. fashionm

    Chelsey Weimar

    was she at the amfar?
  11. A lot of models,including Chelsey , are in Portofino, something tells me he's gonna show up but I hope I'm wrong
  12. fashionm

    Bianca Balti

    http://imgbox.com/FNXs0y5E who is the red head? They all look so good! xo
  13. fashionm

    Kendall Jenner

    really? I thought it was just a rumor
  14. fashionm

    Sara Sampaio

    No she said she isn't
  15. fashionm

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Well she's Lily's daughter godmother.... I think that means they were pretty close... I do think that she might be exaggerating the whole thing but I believe that they treated her like shit.
  16. fashionm

    Candice Swanepoel

    who is she?
  17. fashionm

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I agree with what you said! Sucks though cuz Erin seems such a sweet girl and I really liked her as an angel but I'm glad she's happier and healthier!
  18. Leo's possibly new girl is Chelsey Weimar ...she's probably around 19/20... tbh it's kinda creepy that these models keep getting younger... hope he finds someone around 28/30 at least lol
  19. people are saying that the girl in the car is Denise Schaefer
  20. fashionm

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Josephine is officially an angel!!!
  21. Leo and Brie Larson look so cute together! Leo and Kate too!
  22. fashionm

    Sara Sampaio

    Aww Sara and Mischa Barton together!