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    I enjoy dark comedies both written and filmed. As far as auditory entertainment I favor modern heavy music including many genres that end in core and that begin with death. Inversely, my current guilty pleasure includes listening to music from the 40's; where, the brass and upright bass contrast well against my normal choice of music.

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I'm that guy who is obsessed with finding that one person who is the mirror image of someone he knows. It started as innocent observations but has taken a dark turn; such as, finding their pornographic equivalent or their lingerie model doppelganger. I'm friendly enough, and my insights and opinions are backed by facts for the most part. I'm a conversationalist who uses Google spell correct too create elaborate grammatical explanations; however, I have no problem being short and using quantifiers to get points across. I like facts, truths, and laws which happen to coincide with my personal belief system and does cause some issues. I'm a man of many questions and few answers; though, I'll give my best to develop some. My exterior may seem rather prudish and aggressively intellectual, but it is just the mystic of a twenty something hick from Tennessee. I happen to be a over-underachieving Caucasoid who likes to be politically incorrect while using words such as: aint, fixin, might-a, should-a, would-a, could-a, and you-ens.

          I have an intensive martial arts background having been in the study of Tae Kwon Do since October 11, 1999. I hold a rank that correlates to that span of time, refusing to produce my actual rank as it would only serve my own narcissism; coincidentally, I will belay that my rank ends in Dan for those who would know what that means. I am also currently a B-ranked AAU Tae Kwon Do official which entitles me to call myself a national level official having officiated 5 national championships and 3 AAU junior Olympic games. The rank of course is only title in reality because too technically be a national level official, one must only hold official certification and show up. The rank correlates too your level of skill in the ring, as a B ranked official I am at the level at which I can handle refereeing 75% of the matches at the national level; excluding, black belt Olympic style sparring divisions that are fighting for international team selection. I can, and have scored this group at the national level; however, I am not yet qualified to referee (or center) these divisions. 

   By the way, my name is Brian.

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