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  1. I've never been clear on how the whole process works of getting these high resolution shots.
  2. I can't believe she's not on here. I'll kick this off. Anyone else?
  3. >>Pheno just bought a bunch of magazines with some pics of Josie I've never seen before or have never seen in HQ. She'll be scanning them soon. The wait is killing me...
  4. What I would give to have all of those pics dannyboy2007 posted in HQ...
  5. >>Okey dokey. Interesting piece about the Senator of Massachuchets - thing... yeah... Say what? Link?
  6. Wish those were in HQ...
  7. PAL: Those Devil Wears Prada images? Do you have them in HQ?
  8. Kelly Hu in Thirteen Minutes Magazine: Anyone have HQ's?
  9. Mythbusters Promo's: Nice HQ: Kari on Flickr: My favorites: Red Eye Dragon Con: Apparently, she's been married since March of 2006 to San Francisco artist Paul Urich. Bummer!
  10. Didn't see a thread for Kari. Sooo: FHM: Some Mythbuster Caps: Myth Boobage:
  11. Newish? Yep. Looks like something from Maybeline. The later stuff...
  12. Neat! Do you have these pictures in HQ or larger? I've been looking all over but this site seems to be the only place I've ever seen them: