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  1. {name}

    Model Verification Thread NO ID Requests

    Каса Milovanovic (now Demiröz)
  2. {name}

    Modelknowledge's Requests

    Hi everyone, I can't find name of this dark-haired model, help me please. Thanks in advance.
  3. {name}

    Late model request

    Not yep
  4. {name}

    Late model request

    I understand that a little bit late with the request (last 2 years), but I really want to know the name of this model, which has participated in shows in Blue Fashion Beach Spring Summer 2013 in Milan. Also in the search I did'nt found her. Agogoa - Spring/Summer 2013 http://firstview.com/files/5608/2013/32735/photo_mid_def_4682582.jpg http://firstview.com/files/5608/2013/32735/photo_mid_def_4682584.jpg Domani - Spring / Summer 2013 http://firstview.com/files/5609/2013/32737/photo_mid_def_4682858.jpg http://firstview.com/files/5609/2013/32737/photo_mid_def_4682859.jpg Emamo - Spring / Summer 2013 http://firstview.com/files/5610/2013/32739/photo_mid_def_4683118.jpg http://firstview.com/files/5610/2013/32739/photo_mid_def_4683119.jpg http://firstview.com/files/5610/2013/32739/photo_mid_def_4683120.jpg Parah - Spring / Summer 2013 http://firstview.com/files/5607/2013/32746/photo_mid_def_4684618.jpg http://firstview.com/files/5607/2013/32746/photo_mid_def_4684619.jpg Roberta Corti - Spring / Summer 2013 http://firstview.com/files/0/2013/33049/photo_mid_def_4737067.jpg http://firstview.com/files/0/2013/33049/photo_mid_def_4737010.jpg P.S. Sorry for my English and pictures
  5. {name}

    Model Verification Thread NO ID Requests

    Caroline Lowe
  6. {name}

    Model ID , beauty

    She is Meri Gulin from Croatia