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  1. that's her. Thanks @kimflorida
  2. Can anyone identify this model? Thanks in advance.
  3. @kimflorida / @Cult Icon .. who's the model at 3:40 - 3:48?
  4. Awesome Kim @kimflorida .. that's her!
  5. @Svein Forkbeard buddy didn't understand what u meant by "use model shazam"! Did u mean UAE model? I tried searching for UAE model Shazam and didn't find any hits! Can u pls make it more clear? Thx
  6. Even I'm searching her for a long time but no luck yet. Her possible first name might be Katherine.
  7. #1 is Priscilla Mezzadri
  8. Thanks Kim @kimflorida and @bluesky00 !
  9. @kimflorida Superb Kim .. this shud b a good starting point. I tried to search on my end using claire thomas but as u said nothing substantial shows up. Will keep on searching. Thanks!
  10. thx Kim @kimflorida. Model 2 is indeed Charlotte. 3 is a typo
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