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    Leandro Okabe

    size="1"]quote name='London' date='May 28 2007, 04:58 AM' post='856311'] Here it is: What do you get when you mix Brazilian and Japanese? You get a great model such as 21-year-old, LEANDRO OKABE. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, OKABE is fluent in Japanese, Brazilian, and even English. Not only does this martial arts fighter bear a tattoo on his left side right above his waist, but he is also a very kind and gentle person. “I am one with nature,” he says and explains his belief in natural objects and spirits. “Becoming a Shintoist has showed me how strong enough I can be both physically and emotionally.” However, OKABE is a very romantic and affectionate person. “I love a simple relationship, not a complicated one,” OKABE says, who is currently available. “I love dating people who are not afraid to be themselves and know how to have both a wild side and a calm side.” OKABE admits to dating a 16-year-old when he was 18. “I had no idea he was 16 when I laid my eyes on him, but I did fall in love at first sight,” he says, but they did eventually have to go separate ways, “We were both in love but we did not want the same things in life, he wanted to become a physician and I wanted to become a model.” And he sure did get his wish, especially being chosen as one of the greatest TERRA: THE BOY models. “It was a lot of fun,” he says, “and I am sure many boys as well as possibly even girls enjoy the photos,” OKABE laughs, and explains how many people in his agency’s region, MELAYSIA, have constantly come up to him and ask him if to lift up his top. Indeed, LEANDRO OKABE, is sure to make all of our hearts melt, especially when he displays his tattoo.
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    Gerard Salla or Thomas Beaudoin?

    Thomas. Easy.
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    Caleb Lane

    And yu can watch the film here