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  1. Kacey is beautifully proportioned
  2. Those are lovely, and there's a little more leg in this one...
  3. The lovely Bart in Out magazine, anyone easily offended by a particularly photogenic bottom should look away now
  4. Some beautiful new images - click to enlarge
  5. Paddy for Vogue Australia
  6. I love that last shot
  7. A few for Peter Alexander, the lion one is really cute
  8. I like those last few posts, thank you jamesdel. As a reward, here's a larger version of a Rollacoaster pic which you might like
  9. Nice "hunk" shots
  10. A promotional shot for a new play, Ticking
  11. (sorry, double post - can't delete)
  12. Those are nice shots of Paddy, I especially like the casual, leaning back pose
  13. A larger version of one of the Rollacoaster pics:
  14. A gorgeous guy in simple white briefs, perfection
  15. And some lovely smiles here too