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  1. Anush

    Keira Knightley

    I AN CRAZY ABOUT HER! her lips...))
  2. last foto is just genious.
  3. Anush

    Kevin Zegers

    he is amazing and extremely hoooot. i like his movie smth like "it's boy girl thing" he is great their!!!
  4. Anush

    Chris Evans

    he is amazing!!!!!
  5. i dont like them and moreover I dont think that they are beautiful!!!!
  6. he is so sexy.....................
  7. they look so cute together...
  8. Anush

    ShahRukh Khan

    great fotos, thanks LuNo!!!))))
  9. Anush

    Alyssa Milano

    she is really hoooooot!
  10. I like him, he is soooooo cute!!!
  11. you re welcome Sahara! ))))
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