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  1. {name}


    Thank you for the pictures. Her legs are amazing, not sure for the dress but better dress than the other day. she looks beautiful.. when not making her faces.
  2. {name}

    Fitness and Exercise

    I work out 2 hours /day (1hour during the morning and 1hour during the evening): Swimming : Monday, Thursday Running : Tuesday, Wednesday Cycling : the other days I would like to work out in a sport center but I live in a small village and there is no such thing <_< I have lost ~30 pounds since December [ 141 pounds (64 kgs) > 110 pounds (50 kgs) - ~5.3 ft (1.61 m) ] My diet : I eat everything I like ! really no privation because I like food and i don't like frustration. I eat less than before & my food is slightly healthier/ For example, instead of eating a big part of pizza 'till I am satisfied, I eat a small part of pizza with vegetables and a yaourt; instead of eating an 'industrial' chocolate bread, I eat a slice of bread with pieces of black chocolate : less calories, less sugar, less fat,.. still the same pleasure , instead of ......
  3. {name}

    Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear

    You should have watched the whole thread Page 42 Have a nice day
  4. {name}


    That's the reason I posted it before..
  5. {name}


    Wow "New Adriana" is in a lot of websites topics these days, yesterday 'Hollywoodtuna' talked about her 'ugly' dress, today 'theskinnywebsite' talks about her weight and tomorrow a website will talk about her weird faces on pictures ?!
  6. {name}


    I've just seen the pictures on Hollywoodtuna and I don't like her in that dress. She is still pretty though.. It's not the first time.. I remember another dress last year for Cipriani she wore twice and other clothes. I think this is great! she is like us, she can wear her dresses twice. If she likes her dress, why would she wear it once... uh I am not sure it's the right translation
  7. {name}


    my first wallpaper
  8. {name}


    I searched and I found it posted page 8 I think you will find other pictures of this runway in this topic
  9. {name}


    Not sure with my bad english when I read the reactions but hope you have understood that I have never said she is fat or ugly but I read that about her and I m happy to see that this is not what people think in every board. When I read that I thought "if she is fat, they would say I am obese" i like her lipstick but I think it would be better with darker hair and her natural color of eyebrows
  10. {name}


    Thank you ReginaS for posting these. I've just seen them but not with this quality Thank you. She looks great but I prefer her with dark hair. I've just seen right now on another board that she looks ugly, fat,... happy to see that people on Bellazon are kind
  11. {name}

    Christina Aguilera

    oh no! I like her so much but she does look so fake in these last pictures (make up, style,...) no no no! ridiculous
  12. {name}

    Victoria's Secret Swimwear

    We are page 58, they are both page 56 ...