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  1. She can be what she want's now. Leave the lady alone. Nobody is a bigger Marisa Miller fan than me, but she's done modelling and has kids. Time to move on.
  2. Here we go beating a dead horse again. This has been gone over and over.
  3. I found her birthday is December 17, 1998. She is 22. I have no idea why anyone would think she is any older than that. ??????
  4. According to multiple sites, Karolina Pisarek is 23 years old.
  5. I was hoping for a larger version of "The Three Graces", and this exceeds expectations. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. Grace, more selfies please.
  7. This thread started in 2004. She's no longer at the height of her career. She's in her 30's, has family, and is happy. And occasionally does some work. I realize that and am OK with it.
  8. She looks great in that picture. People seemed to be obsessed with nitpicking her.
  9. Those are great pics of Lorena!
  10. Never expected to see her playing a bass clarinet. That's great.
  11. I have no idea why we don't see more of her.
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