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  1. This thread started in 2004. She's no longer at the height of her career. She's in her 30's, has family, and is happy. And occasionally does some work. I realize that and am OK with it.
  2. She looks great in that picture. People seemed to be obsessed with nitpicking her.
  3. Those are great pics of Lorena!
  4. I have no idea why we don't see more of her.
  5. Thanks for all the new updates. I thought she wasn't modelling any more. Very nice to see this beautiful lady once again.
  6. As much as I like the Honey Bridette stuff, it's very nice to see her doing something more natural with less makeup on. I think she's very pretty.
  7. I think she changed her diet. Looks good.
  8. Finally. They let Grace out, showing what a stunning beatuty she is. That face! It's like they've been hiding her. These are outstanding pictures. Thanks.
  9. She is quite beautiful, as is the other model. Anyone know who she is?
  10. There's gotta be more After Party pics. That's outstanding.
  11. General Discussion and Female Fashion Models are being flooded with spam posts.
  12. Shouldn't have to say, but don't feed the trolls. That's all they want. Besides this forum has a wonderful ignore feature.
  13. People have spent 6 days here talking about microscopic pubic hair.
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