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  1. I don’t think they are new due to his hair length, the back and the sides of his head is shaved as we know for KOFTM but in these pics you can see it’s long
  2. Oh la la I’m confused about the time difference, so is it supposed to be dropped on Wednesday morning? Or Thursday morning? Because today is Wednesday in my country
  3. Well, I remember reading something like that back in 2012 claiming that his girlfriend said that, at that time Erin was his girlfriend who I dount said something like that. He always looks well maintained and most people when they bump into him they say he smells nice and no one mentioned his showering habits, most celebrities who don’t shower have said so themselves but Leo didn’t. To me I think it has to do with his activism in climate change and people just want anything negative to make him look unattractive like “oh he’s an environmentalist so he doesn’t shower” like they only want to find anything to say about him when there’s nothing 🙄
  4. It’s such a help, it saved my life👌 Hope you find it useful 🙏
  5. It’s totally fine with me, I can understand that you may not be very familiar with our region. He’s very famous in our region but some people call me “The one from Titanic”😂 but he’s very popular specially among moviegoers not only in the Arabian Gulf but the whole Middle east. And no he’s never been there but I heard that he went to Dubai and Egypt once but not as a public appearance only for tourism and Morroco when he shot BOL and in 2018.
  6. VPN works for almost everything even netflix I have it and it works but it looks like you have found another thing, it is a subscription and you when you start your subscription you choose the country for example in my case some german website doesn’t work for me because it depends on the region ao I open my vpn and choose Germany and then the video plays so it is makes your location appear somewhere else, I don’t think it is illegal because it is widely known and never heard anything about it being illegal
  7. thanks everyone especially sugerwater for kerping us updates about the filming of KOTFM through the past months and even before filming even starts❤️
  8. It is produced by apple tv ans paramount, doesn’t this mean it will be released in cinemas in all countries before it goes to apple tv?
  9. Thanks all for the updates 😚 regarding Leo’s hair, I’m not a huge fan of the long hair except for Caleb Dakato he really looked extremely beautiful I wish we’ll get more scenes with him in it in IF tarantino releases the longer cut. But in general I like his shorter hair like in WOWS or RR, BOL, DU interviews I think these are his best looks I like them better than the slightly shorter hair like during GG or OUATIH interviews but he looks gorgeous in them also
  10. He looks quite different and there’s definitely some makeup/ prosthetics added on him: his nose and ears not to mention his eyebrows and his haircut I don’t think he ever shaved the sides if his head like that and as I’m noticing his skin color seems pale/ ashy but from the recent pics of him at the museum we see his face is pinkish/reddish as usual but the pics from filming he I always notice that even from the first look that was released back in May
  11. Hii all ❤️ I’m really confused about the release date of KOTFM, when is it supposed to release? Late 2021- early 2022 or late 2022- early 2023? I saw on Imdb 2021, I don’t think it’s possible knowing that Scorsesse takes many months editing a movie😯
  12. Thanks all for the updates An interview for TBL that I haven’t seen before https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1QK411G7vY?from=search&seid=13924588216180120451
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