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  1. And finally, i would like to add one more... And i'll be very happy if someone can tell the names of these ladies... https://www.etam.com/soutien-gorge-bandeau/soutien-gorge-bandeau-en-dentelle-650633759.html Maaany thanks in advance!
  2. Hello: ¿Can you help me? I would like to know the name of these models from ETAM Lingerie website https://int.etam.com/es_BO/soldes/soutien-gorge-tous/sujetador-push-up-de-encaje--copa-d-650082005.html https://www.etam.com/soutien-gorge-triangle/triangle-en-dentelle-florale--sans-armatures-650311076.html https://www.etam.com/soutien-gorge-bralette-et-dos-nageur/soutien-gorge-n°2---push-up-plongeant-647614905.html https://www.etam.com/soutien-gorge-classique/soutien-gorge-n°5---ampliforme-naturel--dos-dentelle-650283245.html Many thanx in advance! 😄
  3. She's soo lovely and sexy... Love her! 🤩❤️
  4. She's so sexy I hope we could see more of her
  5. She's sexy as Hell! Many thanks!
  6. Woooooooow!! I didn't know her..... Thanx for share!
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