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  1. Aha no worries. You can keep me waiting forever. i'll still be here. :) how's life ? Anything interesting. VSFS>> i hope is fun and good, because it's been lacking something in the past 2 shows.

  2. Well, i got your message in an email, and decide awe why the fuck not ? So voila, i am present. :D

  3. lol, you are so polite. But you can use "tu" with me instead of "vous" which is the more polite one. :p Merci pour message, innocente ? oh la la, non, c'est faux. tu es folle & coupable. laughs.

  4. non. no room. adieu!

  5. me too, one more year and then dunzo.

  6. Awe, a bit lucky, i start tuesday. gahhh, school

  7. Ala la Alexis! when do you start study?>

  8. well i didn't know that until now. :laugh: I don't like her either. aha it's cute, but Adri ahhhh! no comment :D

  9. oh master waits ? :O

  10. bonjour! what's up?

  11. awe shit., the bitch is back. :laugh: you know i love you.

  12. ok, i feel better today, bitch and complain all you want now master. :laugh: :p

  13. Aha, you sound so cute saying that, it's written in pm. :D

    Adri siggy? whaaaat :laugh: is this Alexis?

  14. if i could i would tell you, but it's difficult :) i still think you are a sweet cookie :hug:

  15. bonjour, i feel sad. What's up?

  16. desole,i'm not in the mood for this today, maybe tomorrow ? :)

  17. desole, did you say something ?

  18. boo. that's no fun, hope you feel better :flower:

  19. fantastico. vrai. it's ok to be late than never. :flower:

  20. Nuts are very healthy for you though. Hazelnuts & peanuts. yum. Pardon ? I have no dirty names for anyone.

  21. what's up jokereo?

  22. Ange

    FERYYYYY! ok that was my last comment for the night, see you in the morning, my German goddess. xoxo

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