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  1. Oh sorry, I should have said why THIS particular profile was made for?

  2. Oh don't even pretend anyomore! We all know why you're here for!

  3. I don't have twitter, could somebody ask Emily on twitter when these pictures are from? Thanks. Could this post be any more obvious WUM? And as expected, followed by ap88's good old whining
  4. Mine weren't and none of the recent comments were about her weight but the mods still banned them.
  5. It's the same with Karlie! The mods have already banned VS talk in Karlie's thread (which only happened for a couple of pages) while they are still letting this relentless bashing under the excuse of 'constructive criticism' continue here. I guess the Vogue favourites are the favourites of both TFS and Bellazon.
  6. Agreed, even Candice has gotten some pretty bad outfits in the past and was able to make the best out of them. But Toni's outfits were really horrendous, the worst from last year's show. It was like VS wanted her to look bad :persuazn: The thing is, Toni is just utterly beautiful, to me she's more beautiful than any of the new American angels.
  7. Why only comment here with hate? You have the right to express your own opinion, but by now I'm sure we all get you are not fond of Karlie.. so why continue? I happen to think she looks adorable in this picture; the make up no, but her smile and cheeks yeeees Can't wait to see the rest of her Vogue ed, thanks everyone & I hope to see some more VS location photos soon! The basic background for clothing is so borrring haha
  8. #1474 His body looks amazing in that picture
  9. What happened to Jeffrey Fashion Cares? It used to be so much hotter, like a male Victoria's Secret but the models get more and more covered up each year and the 'unconventional' look that is in right now does not help either because the top models are all skinny and weird looking. Only some veterans like Clint looked sexy.
  10. I know it has been said like hundreds of times over and over again, but I´ll repeat it again. Karlie is a HF star that established herself before VS got to her. She is a great spokesmodel and a great, flexible model that can pull like anything - I really cannot see any reason why VS would not make her their new darling. Her lack of curves for a lingerie brand would be a start.
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