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    i am a fan of a lot of spanish sportsmen. These are Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Ramos, Rafael Nadal & Fernando Alonso.<br />I am also a fan of Brad Pitt and Leonardo di Caprio
  1. Maybe it´s only a rumour. The newspaper was "The Sun". In another Cristiano Ronaldo Forum was written that he has another girlfriend called Rebecca Davidson. They were seen together after the game Man United - Newcastle United, but without photos.
  2. I´ve read in an english newspaper that Cristiano has a new girlfriend - british soapstar Gemma Atkinson
  3. i have read in the internet that Plushenko is now a father of a son (born June 2006), has anybody seen a photo of the young family?????
  4. Here are new photos of Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend, there are from a spanish newspaper!!!! I think they looking very sweet together
  5. Hallo everyone, my name is Silke, i am from Germany and i wanna say hi
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