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  1. She modeled some lingerie for the site about two years ago. I stumbled across the photos I saved today and can't figure out who she is.
  2. I tried to look through the Giti instagram for clues, as well as Alisha Berry's, but didn't see her face among the followed. She's been with the company for a little while now.
  3. I'd also like to know who this is! She models for the same site. I browsed Graziela, but I didn't notice her there, or at least I didn't recognize her.
  4. I'd appreciate the help in nailing down an ID!
  5. @kimflorida I think you're right. Thank you!
  6. Anyone able to identify this model new to StarshinerS?
  7. Robathon

    NLY Man

    Just noticed I never thanked you, @Stamoholic. So sorry about that. Thank you!
  8. Stayhard IG actually replied to me. His name is Kristian Korlevski if anyone else cares to know.
  9. Does anyone recognize this Windsor model and does she have a page here on Bellazon? I think it might be Venetria from Wilhelmina LA, but only a handful of her photos make me think so - others have me questioning it.
  10. First and foremost, apologies to the moderators if this topic is in the wrong category! I browsed the selection and couldn't figure out where it might belong. As the title suggests, I'm on the hunt for web sites with quality photos a la Fashion Nova. Hi-resolution images with simple backgrounds and the models properly centered. Proper lighting would be a huge bonus! The abundance of orange in many photos is just so jarring. Pretty Little Thing is a good example of that, unfortunately. Giti does a great job of it, though! So did Nelly Fashion once upon a time. Fashion Nova can be good at it too. Windsor is kind of hit or miss. Does anyone just happen to know of any sites that fit the criteria? Alternatively, I'd be happy with some model recommendations here on Bellazon to check out! Anyone with an abundance of outfits ranging from casual wear to formal to lingerie and swimsuits. A huge ask, I know, but here's hoping!
  11. @kimflorida Looks right! Thank you kindly.
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