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    3 F21 beauties

    1. is Anne De Paula https://www.instagram.com/annedepaula_/?hl=en
  2. That is for sure Bruna Lirio, they just edited her mole out.
  3. Finally found her, that's Kennedy Barnes
  4. That is Rania Benchegra!
  5. That is Zoi Mantzakanis from Next Models
  6. 1. Kaile Goh 5. Talia Richman 6. Bryden Jenkins 8. Gabrielle Pollock 9. Mikalah Sultan
  7. That is Jo Elias with Elite NYC
  8. 11. Leah Morris: http://www.jemodel.com/portfolio-w.php?p=e97a9560-dcb8-468c-8e6e-a73da4bfb264&n=Leah%20Morris&frompage=2
  9. 5. Grace Cheng 6. Natalie Morris
  10. Her name is Marilhea Peillard
  11. bump! does anyone know the 1st or 3rd?
  12. Can anyone ID the 3 models below for me? Thanks! 1. 2. 3.
  13. That is from Planet Blue, they probably took it while taking product shots.
  14. This is Brandi Bondoc. She was signed with No Ties Management in San Diego and L.A. Models, but I am not seeing her on their board anymore!
  15. baby Jude was right is Brianna Akahoshi!
  16. I don't think #7 is Pyper America, her eyes aren't big enough.
  17. Yes that's Hannah Glasby with Ford http://models.fordmodels.com/models/24/talents/35768
  18. Her name is Brianna Akahoshi and she is with Industry Model Group http://www.industrymodelgroup.com/gallery/?arid=476 Her instagram: http://instagram.com/akasushii
  19. 1. Nellie Anderson 2. Bri (Brianna Akahoshi)
  20. Hey all! Anyone know her?
  21. Hey all! Anyone know this cutie's name?
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