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    Miranda Kerr

    Wow those new Portmans are neat, thanks so much Sahara Here is one more : http://portmans.com.au/media/home/3_lge_bg.jpg Some higher res/close-ups of the previously posted images images can be downloaded from the portmans website here : http://portmans.com.au/media/home/1_lge_bg.jpg http://portmans.com.au/media/home/2_lge_bg.jpg http://portmans.com.au/media/home/4_lge_bg.jpg http://portmans.com.au/media/home/5_lge_bg.jpg http://portmans.com.au/media/home/6_lge_bg.jpg http://portmans.com.au/media/home/7_lge_bg.jpg http://portmans.com.au/media/home/9_lge_bg.jpg http://portmans.com.au/media/home/10_lge_bg.jpg Please textlink instead of hotlinking images. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture
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    Miranda Kerr

    sorry, double post
  3. {name}

    Miranda Kerr

    Totally stunning Thank you, Sahara
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    "Posts in this Topic"

    Got the same problem here, I dunno why it swiched to Outline mode... anyway now I changed it to Linear+ and it's working fine again Thanks for your help
  5. {name}

    Miranda Kerr

    Sweeeet Thanks for the pics, kadu
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    Miranda, Laetitia & more

    Miranda all the way
  7. {name}

    Miranda Kerr

    Veryyy cute ^^ Thank you
  8. {name}

    General Babes Motion

    Works perfect, thank you
  9. {name}

    Miranda Kerr

    I think you can download the flv video of Miranda promoting Pink here : http://www.vspink.com/flash/music/FS_Pinkgirls.flv (save target as) <_< What do you mean by you can't get it to work ? You can't download it or you can't play it ? I tried to download the file and it seems to work fine for me. But if the issue is about the download I can upload it somewhere else. Could someone else try to to download it and see if it's working or not ? The video was posted by someone on youtube but they removed it due to terms of use violation
  10. {name}

    Miranda Kerr

    I had done a capture of this video, but it is in real player format and I can't convert it to avi or anything else, dunno why the conversion doesn't work. So you can download the real media file of Miranda's Kerr Video Diary here : http://rapidshare.com/files/8066105/Mirand...o_diary.rm.html but you'll need real player installed on your computer in order to watch the clip. If you don't have it yet, you can download the free version here : http://www.download.com/RealPlayer/3000-2139_4-10255189.html P.S.: Miranda is soooooo adorable in this video and her Aussie accent is totally sweet
  11. Here you go : http://www.vspink.com/flash/music/PINK_runway.flv (save target as) Btw, nice video; love the way the camera moves around Miranda when she's at the end of the runway
  12. {name}

    Your Top 10 Babes

    Miranda Kerr Alessandra Ambrosio Adriana Lima Ana BB Andi Muise Bianca Balti Jessica Stam Izabel Goulart Karolina Kurkova Du Juan
  13. Well I opend the Flash SWF file which loads the video using a program named SWF Decompiler, so that I could see the source code of the swf file (it may require some knowledge of flash to figure out what's going on there) and find the adresse of the flv video
  14. You can download the video in flv (flash video) format from this link : http://www2.victoriassecret.com/fashionshow/video_large.flv (save target as) If you want, I can also upload on rapideshare the video converted in the avi format.