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  1. The video and that pic with the baby remind me of how special Andrew is.
  2. In post 76, the pic with Michael and three other people, do you know where it is from?
  3. I love his campaigns and editorials, always. And he's not bad on the runway either. He manages to seem mature without seeming boring or old. And his hansomeness is so refined.
  4. Great complexion and skin he has. Glad he takes care of himself so well. Makes him all the more enjoyable!
  5. He has such high Irish beauty, though I wonder sometimes if he's part Italian
  6. Thank you for postingabout him. Its wonderful to see all the pics.
  7. He has Uncle Karl to thank, too!
  8. I guess the ones I posted to that request weren't exactely the ones you asked for I finally found the following ones... and though one cannot really see Noah in the one pic, I'm pretty sure it's him That was what I was talking about. Thank You!
  9. I'm going to say that it was just before Valentine's day, which was a Sunday, or just afterward. By the way, do you have any pics from 5 years ago when Noah was in the Dolce & Gabbana campaign and he and Jeremy Dufour were photographed naked? I loved those pics, and you seem to have so many Noah pics, so I thought I would ask.
  10. Michael has only become more sexy and beautiful.
  11. I've always been a huge fan of Noah. Love all your hard work.
  12. Nice to see Anthony still doing so much work. Thank you!
  13. I loved those pics. You would never think there was an age difference between the two.
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