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  1. I just saw your other comment lol Aw, I was very busy this year but I'll be free in 2 weeks, school's over forever and then college next year. and camilla completely dissapeared from bz! you should show up at tfs!

    ps raquel is not platinum anymore! You'll be happy I know you didn't like it lol

  2. I did! Carol looked good but the show itself sucked! :/ Imo it was the worst VSFS ever!

  3. haha, it's okay ;D

    How are you? You should show up at Raquel's thread, it's been slow :P

  4. Thank you so much Layla! ^^ I had a great birthday.

  5. Celineeee!

    Happy birthday, wish you all the best and a lot of crazyness as you like it lol

  6. Layla!! Happy birthday. Wish you all the best and lots of Anna eds lol

  7. lol I posted at her thread :P

  8. Camilla! your birthday was 3 days ago! :o

    Happy late birthday!! :P Wish you all the best! :D

  9. hahahaha thanks celine! Happy new year to you too ^^

  10. hahahaha, ok ;D

  11. lol, and what exactly is that? :P But I went to the movie thinking it would be stupid :| I actually just got the book and I am enjoying it so far :D

    And Merry Christmas!

  12. Hey irene! Northern Star at tfs asked me to say a big HI for her to you :D

    how are you doing?! you should show up at Raquel's thread!

  13. Guadaaaa! Happy birthday!! wish you all the best! enjoy your day! big kiss

  14. Thank you Guada!! love you too ^^

  15. Thank you michele!! :hug:

  16. Thank you layla! :D teacher's day is tomorrow here, so I have no classes :D

  17. Thanks ire! I've had two "parties" today and I'm probably just going out for dinner, I may do something on the weekend or tomorrow :D

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