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  1. wilde

    Inguna Butane

    i am a brand new inguna fan! i don't know why i never looked at her forum before, she's becoming one of my new favorites you might not agree but for some reason i feel she looks like a combination between doutzen and stam
  2. wilde

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007 (POST-SHOW THREAD)

    i'm really proud of adriana i think she looks stunning tonight :-( so does miranda and ale although i liked how ale's hair was just yesterday i think! it was the best everrr. i think she's probably opening because she was basically the star vs model this year and i think is replacing gisele as the "head" angel even though they say there isn't one i miss doutzen though :-( did anyone hear anything about the possibility of her being an angel???
  3. wilde

    General Discussion

    http://www.threadless.com/submission/13097..._if_you_believe i think here someone used ana beatriz barros as their model to submit a threadless.com design! haha i almost fell out of my seat when i was scoring
  4. wilde

    Doutzen Kroes

    i hope these aren't reposts oh well
  5. wilde

    General Discussion

    in brazil the supermodels are like celebrities i'm pretty positive, like i saw in an interview whenever alessandra goes home everyone in the airport and all around her knows who she is and it has to be like that with ana too
  6. wilde

    Doutzen Kroes

    ugh can anyone get these pictures without the tags??? otherwise they'd be PERFECT
  7. wilde


    personally i miss the younger adriana but she still looks beautiful :-[ ps can someone repost the picture of adriana and ana beatriz looking pretty trashed???
  8. wilde

    The BEST of Bellazon

    doutzen x3
  9. wilde

    Hilary Rhoda

    there are a LOT of different american accents as well, not just a few and there isn't really a "dominant" one i don't think even just in new york where i live there's a bronx accent, a long island accent, a brooklyn accent, a queens accent, etc. that's just in one state there's a georgia accent, a tennesse accent, a california accent, an oklahoma accent, etc. maybe it could be associated with the region more but there are a lot of particular kinds
  10. wilde

    Miranda Kerr

    everything on E! was outdated and wrong!!
  11. wilde


    ana beatriz barros fan, can i please have the fullsize of this? she looks so cute
  12. wilde


    i know this has nothing to do with anything ^^ up there but can i have the fullsizes to and ??? thank youuu in advance
  13. wilde

    Sweet 32 (eye candy)

    MIRANDA by far
  14. wilde

    Miranda Kerr

    thank you, you're fantastic!