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  1. She's amazing. Seems like a very nice chick.
  2. I adore Latinas. She's lovely.
  3. don't think I have heard anything from this fine chica in a while. Still gorgeous.
  4. You talking about the one above you? It's from pinUP files. And there is a bit more.
  5. They would make a cute couple
  6. My fave thread, thanks all. She's very beautiful.
  7. Oh my, welcome back. I don't know anybody on here because I am a noob, but SUP..
  8. She seems like a chick that if she stops caring about her weight for a bit, she'll get really big.
  9. WOW her boobs are insanely huge.
  10. She is about to show off those big boobs soon, I bet.
  11. She makes many funny/cute faces. lol
  12. Is this girl one of those underrated models? Because to me she's a woman that I would wife.
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