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  1. amazing, this reminds me of her editorials when she was younger, best in a long time
  2. I truly loved the 2013 H&M advertisement, and while this one brings the Adriana-Doutzen combo, the overall campaign pales so far.
  3. Sam12


    thanks I love how grounded she has been through her entire career, having her family front and center, such a proud moment for them.
  4. Sam12


    So happy to see Fernanda Tavares and other model friends were there to support her.
  5. Sam12


    End of an era. Are those her parents/family there next to Tom?
  6. We don't know what really happens in someone else's life. Can't rely entirely on gossip. Hope for the best for Doutzen and her family.
  7. ^ love it, the return of Doutzen and Adriana!!
  8. Sam12


    Wow!!! I am so excited for this, love seeing them together.
  9. Its brand We Are Handsome according to Daily Mail. First time I have heard of this brand.
  10. VS- Doutzen Kroes- 4 Tyra Banks- 3 Adriana- 2 Edita- 1 SI- Tyra Banks- 4 Petra-3 Marisa- 2 Josie- 1
  11. Thanks for the explanation hollander. And thanks for all these runway sets.
  12. Are most of her jobs brought on by Sara Keller and her agency Paparazzi or by DNA models? I don't know how this system works, I would imagine DNA would bring in the big jobs, but Doutzen makes it seem like Sara is running the show. The exit from VS, to the recent Fendi runway, Sara Keller was the one involved, or so it seems from her interview. I think Doutzen just wants to spend time with her family, plus Myllena is only 8 months old. I bet after she has grown a little, Doutzen will work more.
  13. Doutzen- Face-10 Body-10 Personality- 10 Tyra- Face-9.5 Body-10 Personality-10
  14. Gisele Face- 9.5 Body- 10 Personality- 10 Heidi Face- 8 Body- 9 Personality- 9 Josie Face-7 Body-7 Personality-7 Petra Face- 8 Body- 8 Personality- 8
  15. She has become even more beautiful over time.
  16. Tyra- Face- 9 Body- 9 Personality- 9 Heidi- Face- 8 Body- 9 Personality- 9
  17. Victoria's Secret Miranda Kerr- 6 Doutzen Kroes- 10 Hannah- 7 Nina- 9
  18. Doutzen is in Milan http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2969510/Doutzen-Kroes-jets-Milan-Fashion-Week-leaving-job-Victoria-s-Secret-Angel.html
  19. wow what an impressive list of campaigns during those seasons, I hope she attains that impressive level again
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