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  1. Totally agree with you. Objectively speaking: she's beautiful, with not a common face and she's also good on the runway and in editorials. Go kendall! You are serious? You are saying that she is good in editorials? Her photos are terribly boring, her gaze transmits.... nothing. She just doesn't know how to modeling.
  2. Her face is too childish to find her sexy . Am I the only one that feel it? But she is so cute
  3. I'm worried about her... Is she all right?
  4. GALA GERMANY #30 JULY 18, 2013
  5. Always gives me a good laugh when the people say that Cara is a high fashion model, she isn't, she is only there because her relations hehe I'd love to see Kasia and Jac!
  6. She is such a bad model, but she is so beautiful that I forgive it... Barbara is perfect.
  7. 1 is Alejandra Alonso. 2 is Kendra Spears
  8. I remember that they said (in TFS) that the editorial was of Marie Claire, maybe my memory is failing lol is likely you have reason . You know from where are the next editorials?
  9. To me every single shot of Karlie is unflattering because I find her unattractive. Anyway, I'm done here.
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