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  1. Hey,

    you're there ?

  2. lol lol

    thanks Ire =D

  3. Hahaha

    Thank you Layla ^^


  4. hahaha

    thanks a lot.


  5. and btw...my computer is brand new

    but if you want to buy me one, suit yourself

    I can have 2 ^^

  6. haha you can't...

    not with cruzeiros, but if you use Reais you can buy a new one ^^

  7. :yes: I'm here after a long time.

    I miss talking to you.

    ♥ U

    :kiss: :hug:

  8. LOL

    you're right, I've been away for too long.

  9. Hiiiiiiiii

    how are u ? long time no talk.

    But I came back for u, haha.


  10. Tomorrow I'm going to Minas Gerais and then to Buzios.

    Rio gets crazy in Carnaval times and I'll miss all that.

    But I have some fun waiting for me.


  11. LOL

    unfortunately I'm not spending the Carnaval in Rio this year.

  12. LOL

    you thought ??

    [good to see you like them too] :P

  13. huahaha

    good one, good one


    I'll remember that. :shifty:

  14. =D

    they deleted your post...and hers too.

    But Gabi told me, you're so my hero.

  15. Hahahaha

    I looove what you say in your custom title


    how do u say that in English ?

  16. I left for a little while :p

    but I'm here now...at least until the carnaval.

    I'm ok, enjoying the vacations.

    How are you ?

  17. Gabi gabs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Happy birthday Mel :)

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