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  1. https://youtu.be/p-fD9dOSYpU Sorry for the link, thought I'd share "Silverlined" featuring Alexis and Jay
  2. When you grow up dancing, it doesn't take long at all to pick it back up She's killin itttttt
  3. Random adds that haven't been posted
  4. Looks so much better with the darker hair. She should do SI for next year..
  5. I hate when people say she has no curves, look at her body! Yeah she's thin and doesn't have much body fat (which for some reason some people relate to "curves") but her actual body structure is out of this world, her waist, hips, and bum blow my mind every time! & thanks for the HQ's Lenore
  6. ^ posted on last page.. She looks heavenly for il Bacio
  7. ^ posted on last page her swim shots have been top notch for me, many thanks!
  8. That'd be amazing if she got rookie of the year Thanks for the updates everyone; & love her amfar look, so sophisticated
  9. The lingerie shots by far outshine the other set for me; I wonder why she hasn't ventured much into swimwear besides Mambo? Thanks for updates
  10. love the Skin Deep photos, stunning
  11. ^ there's so many Carolina Sanchez's on instragram I had no idea which was hers.. so I looked up Samuel Paul and he tagged her in one of his pictures She looks like a little sex kitten... I like it :evil:
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