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  1. Nessie

    Doll face

    Can someone help me id this pretty face please?
  2. Can someone please help me identify this model? I know for a fact she has a Bellazon thread but it's been years since I came across it and can't remember her name! If you do a google image search thing the name Ekaterina Koba comes up but I know for a fact it's not her as I have been following Ekaterina for years now. Would appreciate any help! xo
  3. Would like to know too she is gorgeous!
  4. Oh noo! I don't like short hair ugh.. But she has a beautiful face so I'm sure she'll rock that cut!
  5. She's only leaving her Angel title. Not Victoria's Secret. It's not THAT big of a deal. She will still work for them and walk the fashion show this year, it's been confirmed! I'm still a bit saddened by the news tho, I didn't expect it.. She might be 29 years old, but she still look so young and fresh. Not like some other angels who worked for the brand way for too long..
  6. Whoa thanks so much!! How did you get them in such good quality?
  7. Thank you! What is Alexandra's last name? It starts with an H but I can't find her whole last name. http://www.p-models.com/model.php?model_id=956&link=fwomen&offset=&PHPSESSID=bc170d1f927c1b4bb93a2ac229c09965
  8. She could be... Anyone knows her name please?
  9. She looks like Toni Garrn, but I know its not her. Please help me identify her!
  10. Alena is a stunner! I think she'd make a perfect VS Angel
  11. I personally think the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show get better every year.
  12. Jessica Buch Model & Beauty queen. ♥
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