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  1. Photographer: Kassandra de Araujo H&M: Camilla Jönsson
  2. For Sloggi
  3. and part IV you're welcome @VS19
  4. part III
  5. part II
  6. WATERCULT part I
  7. new polas @ wilhelmina
  8. Talking about performers, how big is David Guetta in USA? Although I don't like his kind of music, it seems a very reasonable choice, he is french and he colaborates with multiple singers like Zara Larsson.
  9. Can it be a performer? I don't think they would make such a big fuss about a regular model...
  10. so, castings started today
  11. Frederikke by Ditlev Rosing
  12. WONDERBRA!! Yay! She looks amazing
  13. she is featured in Air France Madame. Just a couple of pictures and a little interview
  14. more from Guy Aroch published in Madame Figaro from gagamodes fb
  15. mini site for Nina Ricci campaign, incluiding the TV advert (which I saw this morning), backstage and interviews https://www.ninaricci.com/es-ES/Fragrances/Belles-de-Nina/Nina-Luna/