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  1. {name}

    Body Central Model

    She is on this pic too, I would also like to ID the model in the middle (the one on the right is Xenia Deli) http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/16707274/11111111.jpg.html
  2. {name}

    Xenia Deli

    Does anyone know who the girl in the middle is? http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/16707274/11111111.jpg.html
  3. {name}

    Johanna Lundback

    Thanks for the pics Soeniel. Jeez, who the hell did the photoshopping for Nelly? Ruined the pix making Johnanna's gorgeous face look terrible. Hopefully someone will do a better job on some new pics soon
  4. {name}

    Johanna Lundback

    Cheers Pip. Got any more? Or links to Johanna's work? Cheers
  5. {name}

    Johanna Lundback

    Always as much as Johanna! Cheers Pip :-)
  6. {name}

    Johanna Lundback

    Many thanks Pip :-)
  7. {name}

    Johanna Lundback

    Cheers Darklord, loving the lingerie pics
  8. {name}

    Johanna Lundback

    Hi derDude, the magazine is actually called 'More!', but can't find any links to the issue in question. Many thanks for your fantastic posts of Johanna, she is the most gorgeous model around.