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    i want to become a model when i grow up<333 havent been in a beauty pagent but im still looking.i never going to give up my dream i am going to make it happend

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  1. Sandra Kubicka

    thankyou thankyou tzdon cheers
  2. Sandra Kubicka

    hi there welcome to bellazon. my name is Jackie as you can read lol thankyou for beautiful pictures of Sandra. :wub2:
  3. Sandra Kubicka

    thankyou for great pictures,and yes i agree with tzdon,being Vs something are for way older people,im not trying to say she to young for that,but guys she 18 turning 19 on January,i think she doing a great job in her career.She still has plenty of time to be Vs something,maybe she wants a break,or something,or maybe just have fun.I dont think Sandra is getting boring,if you think that well maybe shes berly getting there,i dont know,i dont have her in Facebook !!!
  4. Sandra Kubicka

    ty ty for great pictures
  5. General Discussion

    You can find pictures of young Adriana in this thread http://www.bellazon....hey-were-young/
  6. Sandra Kubicka

    i adored her too !!! any new pictures of her irena??
  7. General Discussion

    hi all im new here. i am also a fan of Adriana Lima i think she is so gorgeous,beautiful,pretty (etc) well my name is Jackie as you all can tell can you all post pictures of Adriana Lima when she was young,is it true she going to retired in 2015,if so she did a great job she was a victorias secret angel<3
  8. Sandra Kubicka

    thankyou for all beautiful photos !!!
  9. Sandra Kubicka

    beautiful :wub2:
  10. Sandra Kubicka

    hi all my name is Jackie I'm new here. how are you all doing if we havent met nice to meet you i love Sandra Kubicka huge fan of hers how do you all get her pics so fast !!!!