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  1. so far I haven't like any of this models.
  2. why is shane in the model search? when she has done SASI before back in 2009/2010. i find it strange, and not fair for the other model that has never done it.
  3. shanina & yara can pass as sisters. they resemblance each other.
  4. that's not true. SI choice Solveig and she's not dating no celebrity or industry person. hopefully she goes casting for it. and gets pick.
  5. Alessandra Simone x1 Anais x2 Agatha x2 Crista x1
  6. Begonia


    organt theft. http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/18/middleeast/isis-organ-harvesting-claim/ http://organtheft.weebly.com/learn-more-about-organ-theft.html
  7. Sara is really like a 5'7. she's not that tall, they just making her seem tall. I am pretty sute Lily is taller than Sara
  8. yes, I am but I finally gotto read the interviews, I like Sara, & Stella's answers the most.
  9. she posted thos photo in her Instagram
  10. 1/2 of the lisrt i don't know who they are
  11. here's is the link of the video http://www.si.com/swim-daily/2015/04/29/si-swimsuit-rapid-fire-questions-solveig
  12. she kinds of looks like olvia munns
  13. she's doing Avon? why can she book better jobs? what's wrong with her agency?
  14. why is she at cannes? what's she representing?
  15. not a fan of her look, but I prefer to see her over jessica gomes.
  16. does anyone know if Solveig and Morgan would be back? any chances Candice Boucher & Michelle Vawer can come back
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