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  1. you always comparing Sol with Frankstein's monster.
  2. wow always stunning. Danish women are beautiful. Josephine,Solveig, Scarlett Johansson who else's is next.
  3. her boobs are to damn big. I which she had smaller ones. I am really not fan of big boobs. but her face is always stunning.
  4. hopefully they cast Solveig she looks great doing pink. I could see her in the pink segment. she would be a great addition to their show.
  5. liu x3 katsia x1 sui x2 zhenya x2.5 ming x0.5
  6. nicolle lobo is the next casting call http://www.si.com/swim-daily/2015/06/10/si-swimsuit-2016-casting-call-nicolle-lobo
  7. i hate how underrated she is. she deserve more attention than other models that are so overrated. i don't understamd how she doesn't have a lot of fan. she look sexy in that video
  8. i don't see no teigen on her. miranda very little.
  9. hope daniela lopez & shanina makes it. would also like to see from last year cast jessica strother, yara khmidan, xenia deli & megan william.
  10. i am glad she is back.wonder why she didn't shoot last year. hope to see Michelle Vawer back, & Morgan Shelly too.
  11. i would like too see Flo Rida, Calvin Harris Usher, Or Enrique Iglesias. Enrique is so fine.
  12. she has been confirm from gavin bond hat she's gonna be in the world swimsuit 2015 can't wait to see her pictures. hope she gets the cover.
  13. Solveig has been confirm from gavin bond on his insta that she would be in this year issue. hope she gets the cover.
  14. I wan Jac r Lais to get it. I get it a feeling is gonna be a blonde
  15. Taylor x3 Daniella x3 Kassi x1.5 Marina x1.5
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