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  1. Can't wait to see Candice Boucher, Solveig, & Daniela photoshoots
  2. She lost her leg for overslept with a tampon too long. She end up with tss. http://www.people.com/people/mobile/article/0,,20932278,00.html
  3. Happy birthday to Solveig. She's 20 now.
  4. Cora x3 Jessica x1.5 Martha x1.5 Bryden x0.5 Briley x2.5
  5. Not everybody needs to think Sara is ugly, just because you found her ugly. If we all think or see everything the same. life would be so boring.
  6. I always love her VS pictures. She has a great body.
  7. Thanks for sharing this video of Sarah she is very sexy girl. I could see why people can think she is not feminine enough. I think is because she has some harsh feature. But yeah Sarah is pretty. I always like looking at videos of her.
  8. She is shooting for guess can'take wait to seethe rest of her photos.
  9. I am so happy for her. I want her to make for the USA version too.
  10. I am so happy to know Daniela ia gonna be in it.
  11. Her teeth are not so great. I like her more serious. But is great to see more if her pink wirk
  12. I was waiting for this day just to see what they were gonna say about her.
  13. yulia is the only one i like so far.
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