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  1. I desparately need to figure out who this model is, she's been featured on Revolve's site for like three years now and I wanted to know her name so I don't lose track of her whenever she decides to stop modeling with them. Thank you in advance to whomever figures this one out. THANK YOU HUSKY! REVOLVE - Ludi Delfino
  2. BUMP I am so shocked that nobody has figured this out yet.
  3. I think you guys should easily be able to identify a few of these, their real recognizable faces. Some of these I don't really expect an ID but since you guys are really good at it and have figured out the tough ones before I figure I post it anyways.
  4. Seattle deserves some credit for bringing this beauty into our world.
  5. OMG! Thank you guys so much for keeping up with her. I'm really starting to believe that there's not a young model outside of Barbara Palvin who looks this beautiful. A lot of her pics are absolutely breathetaking!
  6. Okay guys I have labeled each picture now, I may repost the ones that's not figured out here indiviually but I have them labeled from the site I found them from. #3 is Allie Crandell so that one has been solved thanks to modelknowledge who also states that most Revolve models come from the Los Angeles modeling agencies particularly Wilhelmina so maybe that can help find #5. Thanks in advance guys! 1. AERO 2. SOLVED - REVOLVE - LUDI DELFINO 3. SOLVED - REVOLVE - ALLIE CRANDELL 4. NORDSTROM (saw her on ShopBob a year ago) 7. SOLVED - SHOPBOB - ROZA GOUGH 8. SOLVED - SHOPBOB - ALEJANDRA GUILMANT 9. SOLVED - REVOLVE - CHRISTY DAWN PETERSON 10. SOLVED - FOREVER 21 - RAYNE 11. LULU*S 12. SOLVED - ASOS - JENA GOLDSACK
  7. Runway pics are tough to ID b/c their glammed up to look different.
  8. OMG! What a red haired beauty. Stay on top of her guys!
  9. So beautiful, thanks for keeping up with her guys! Hope to see more from her this fall.
  10. She is so wonderful, keep posting guys!
  11. She's officially my favorite model now. This girl has the total package right now.
  12. Thank you guys for posting these recent vids and photos of Taylor. What a beauty she is!
  13. Somebody definitely get on her and lets get her to 100 pages before the end of the year. She's too beautiful to be ignored like this. I've always seen her on the Shopbop.com site.
  14. Thanks guys you guys were correct on those four as #2 is definitely Olga Estupinan. 1. Fernanda Prada 2. Olga Estupinan 3. ? 4. ? 5. Chanel Celaya 6. Roza Gough The real tough one is #3 b/c I haven't seen her on any sites since early 2011 but I really want to know who she is. I'm pretty sure somebody can figure out #4 as I've seen her on like 4-5 sites within the past couple of years.
  15. I wonder what her ethnicity is as her name sounds Eastern European like Russian but her skin is so dark which makes me think she's from a South American country so maybe she is mixed b/c there are some dark skinned Russians with mixed Equator ancestry. She could have some Indian in her too like the Pacific island type and Oceanic people (Australians, New Zealanders) look liker her too. Good job on the posting guys especially the vids, keep them coming as I want her to have 100 pages before the end of the year. LOL!
  16. WOW! She is absolutely stunning I think she might be the most beautiful out of the Brazilian models. Would love to see some more pics maybe some new ones.
  17. All four of these models have done work in the past couple of years on Nordstrom, ASOS, and Alloy. I've been wanting to find out who they are so I never lose track of them. I think the first one is Fernanda Prada but I need confirmation on that one. Thanks in advance!
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