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  1. scanned by Faith Akiyama @ tfs telegraph
  2. hey soy bean,

    miss you!!

    you should join tfs, they might be letting people register there again. :)

  3. randoms tFS FW07 Giles Jens Laugesen Alberta Ferretti ] Marni Anna Molinari style she did a lot more shows, but thats all i uploaded for now..

  5. hi andrea, how are you? i see you're a member at tFS now! :D

  6. hey happy belated easter..i've been gone for awhile..how are u?

  7. soyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    sorry i've been gone so long, i've just been kind of busy! how are you? :)

  8. Various: http://img370.imageshack.us/my.php?image=amber1283kx7.jpg http://img370.imageshack.us/my.php?image=amberhm3kc3.jpg FMD
  9. ^ i really like Behati, she's my favorite model.
  10. i like this girl a lot, she's really nice. supreme management supreme management i believe she's from Kentucky, USA. she was born in 1990, and is with Supreme (Agency) Height: 5'10.5 /179cm Measurements: (US) 34-23-34 ; (EU) 86.5-58.5-86.5 Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
  11. Yep, that's Freja. i can't believe Julia's topic is this short! POST PEOPLE, POST!
  12. is this new? beautiful cover btw
  13. I think she's gay..i'm not sure though
  14. from Ellegirl (not sure which year) credit to scanner (tFS)
  15. i can't wait to see the Dior ad!
  16. Hey soy bean :)

  17. thanks ilovetrentini, stunning ed.
  18. Thanks cypress! those are beautiful
  19. ah, I am so mad that i haven't seen those Thanks ilovetrentini.
  20. :(

    Miss you soyee! :D

  21. there's more, but I can't upload them <_<
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